Reyn’s Big AAdventure

PrintIt’s not often that I get a chance to go to a big city and see all the cool stuff. I guess they have more room or better taste or something. So I dressed carefully: fresh t-shirt; vacuumed kilt; mud-free boots, mostly-mud-free may be more accurate. Every girl is crazy about a sharp-dressed man.

I grabbed my smallish sketch book, licked my eyebrows nervously and hit the TP link in my inventory!

Pretty sweet place, that AAcme City!

And my etchings shall take us both there.


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Reyn peers at her in the half-light of the bar, noting how the blinking beer signs highlight her face in alternating patterns. “Come home with me to see my etchings,” he suggests.

She takes in his unkempt appearance and odd behaviors, but decides to reject him gently. “Oh pshaw, Reyn! You are such a silly.” She smiles kindly and waves her hand palm downward in a soft cat-paw dismissal.

She touches his shoulder, and smiles again as she slips off her stool.”You just finished telling me that all of your etchings are published on your blog.”

and so they are

Cheers, Reyn CITY


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