The Dark Alt

I am a Guest Blogger. Reyn noted other bloggers have guest bloggers, mostly reblogs he thinks, and so he asked me to guest blog on his blog and then it would be most guest-like.

Be with you in a minute or so …

I am Reyn’s alt. His Dark Alt, he calls me.

The Dark Alt

Haven’t got a clue about what to blog about. Essentially I’m an alchemist wizard, well, a half wizard, my funding ran out at the Madame Burrury’s Finest School For Wizzards and Magikal Creatures School of Magik part-way through my 8th year. So, half a wizard, small w really.

But alchemy! I have dreams of turning gold into lead so the OpenSims don’t run out of lead. Even though the worlds are virtual, children somewhere need HB pencils to draw their imaginational things. Imagine the weeping if all they had was crayons and magic markers and colored pencils and scented markers and glitter markers, um, so I persist. I have hoarded gold under the watchful eye of a dragon who trains me for 10% of the horde. We call it The Horde.

And I pick away at The Horde and try a combination of alchemy and magic, even though I’ve been trained in magik, but don’t have enough to do it right, as Madame Burrury was always yelling about. She was always yelling about something. Trey! Get back in here! Trey! Put out that flaming glass of whiskey! Trey! Pay your bills! Always yelling.

So far, not much luck. Plus, I lost my last cave to a slight mishap which explains the glued-on eyebrows and why I wear an armored cod-piece. It’s not for the other thing. Safety second apparently even though Madame Burrury was always yelling Trey! It’s not SAFETY SECOND YOU IDIOT! She really liked to yell that one whether I was conscious or not, according to the other students.

That sure feels like enough guesting because I have nothing to share really. Reyn is on his own for this column I expect. Or blog. Column, I laugh. Madame Burrury was always yelling Trey! That graduated column is going to explode! before she grabbed her big orange wig and ran squealing from the room.

Nothing to say, nope.

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