Windlight: a new magazine for art in Second Life

Art reflects the vision or imagination of people – probably tormented people – and what an excellent way to understand or to appreciate – or to try – their message.
That was the least complicated sentence I could use – honest!

Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

WindlightWindlight is the the title of a new arts magazine for Second Life which will be launching in July 2015.

Founded by John (Johannes1977 Resident), himself an SL photographer and also RFL of SL activist, Windlight brings together a talented team to cover art in all its forms in SL with monthly news, reviews, articles, interviews, commentary and more.

A joint venture with AviChoice Productions, organisers of the the Avi Choice Awards and publishers of Avi Choice Magazine, Windlight’s goal is to cover the Second Life art scene and to support  artists, photographers, galleries, and art-related events. The first issue will feature artist Bryn Oh, and photographer Skip Staheli alongside Sasun Steinbeck, Nikki Mathieson and more.

When I call the team behind the magazine talented, I’m not exaggerating. Joining John, who is the magazine’s co-publisher and editor as well is its founder, are: Nikki Mathieson, owner of Avi Choice…

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