See You in September

I am enjoying SL 12B as fast as lag allows. I need to find that sign for a photo opp. It resonates with my thinking.

Million Happy Endings

wednesday_002I surely don’t want to miss all of SL12B and am enjoying as much of it as I can. One of my favorite exhibits is 10 Truths by Livio Korobase. I seem to recall really liking his exhibit last year too. wednesday_005Like last year I’ve come across information that I want to look into further although I have no idea how I’ll find time to do so.

For the next twelve weeks or so I’ll be taking next steps to heal my health issues which I’m hopeful and cautiously excited about. The meal plans are labor intensive and how I’ll respond is an unknown. I’m having a bit of a histamine response this week.wednesday_006This last round of LEA is coming to a close. For the past five months I’ve been intensely involved with LEA’s Medici University, having a studio there and participating in drawing, virtual tai chi, photography, writing…

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